1. An instant online quote can be generated and emailed from the quote page on this website. A free in home consultation and quote will follow.
  2. Our estimators will put together a project quote. Our construction team will put together a proposed schedule and outline the scope of work for the garage development.
  3. A second meeting is scheduled to present the construction proposal.
  4. Once all design decisions are complete and a final budget is established, a contract approved by the prepaid licence board of Alberta is signed
  5. Once the client has accepted the proposal a 50% deposit will be required. This deposit covers the plans, permit, concrete and project materials.
  6. A building development permit is obtained by True North before any work is performed. We only work by the legal process and refuse to work without permits.
  7. A site survey is conducted in order to ensure accuracy before construction
  8. The site is prepared and concrete is poured
  9. The garage is framed
  10. After framing a 25% progress payment is due
  11. Electrical services are run from home to garage and installed
  12. The roof is shingled
  13. The exterior receives the cladding of choice
  14. The garage door is installed
  15. Any additional interior work ie: drywall, paint & storage is completed
  16. Once complete, a customer walkthrough occurs. Any identified deficiencies are corrected
  17. All applicable permits ie: Building & Electrical (HVAC and Plumbing if required) receive a final inspection
  18. Move into your new garage and enjoy!
  19. We will check back with you in 60 days to ensure your satisfaction.
  20. The Garage maintains a 3 year comprehensive warranty on all building materials and workmanship.