True North Maintains an 'A rating' with the Better Business Bureau

  • $5,000,000 liability and WCB insurance
  • Prepaid Contractor Licence with the province of Alberta
  • A $25,000 Contractor bond

President: Dan Leonn

dan-leonnDan has been in the construction industry for 15 years. Through high school and college he worked industrial construction in Leamington Ontario. Mainly masonry work was performed while maintaining and expanding the Heinz factory. After a 5 year stint in Banff skiing, Dan moved to Calgary to flip properties through the boom from 2005-2007. After the market correction in 2007, he went to work in site supervision for a custom home builder to learn the craft of building estate homes. In 2009, he founded True North and has built a strong reputation with customers through the years.

From an education standpoint Dan has achieved a diploma in accounting from St. Clair College. He has passed both the Mortgage Agent and Real Estate Agent courses at Mt Royal University and worked in the mortgage business for 2 years. He then achieved his bachelor of management degree with an Accounting Major from the University of Lethbridge Calgary evening program over 3 years. The skillset acquired through education combined with on site experience has lead Dan to become a construction and real estate professional. This helps the client to build based on value. He owns 4 properties in Calgary.

Dan is an avid skier and enjoys his free time in Revelstoke and Canmore.

Business Manager: Mark Bulger

mark-bulgerWe are excited to announce that Mark has recently joined the True North Garage team as our Business Manager. He brings both professional customer service and technical skills to our company. Mark completed a Computer Engineering Diploma at SAIT and then spent 6 years with IBM in a fast paced and customer oriented environment developing strong technical and service skills. Following his time with IBM, Mark has returned to University of Calgary and is currently completing his 4th year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Operations Management. He has done numerous renovations and garage/deck building for himself and others. His ability as a fast learner and varied experience has enabled him to develop skills to provide excellence in products and service which makes him a strong asset to True North Garages.

Mark also enjoys skiing, hockey and travelling whenever possible.


Customer service is held in high regard at True North

At True North, we employ trade contractors with years of experience and expertise to ensure quality for the customers. We focus on excellent customer service and providing you with a quality product to meet your expectations.

True North adopts a "3 P" approach to construction; The PEOPLE with the PLAN make a great PRODUCT.

People: Customers, trades and team members are all integral parts of the process. Everyone is held accountable for their commitments. This method of communication ensures clarity and success.

Plan: A strong construction plan, with all customer selections is required before construction begins. Where required, engineers are used. The permit process is mandatory. A strong plan achieves a great product.

Product: True North warranties its product for 3 years. Even after warranty expires, if there is a defect in the product caused by trade error, we will still warranty it.

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